I Give You My Heart (2015)

18kt Gold and Garnet

Hummingbird Earrings (2009)

14kt,18kt Gold, chalcedony drops, freshwater pearls, citrines.

One’s Heart Cufflinks (2008)

Sterling silver and garnets.

Wagging Tongues Cufflinks (2013)

Sterling silver

Sweet Rest Ring/Container (2012)

Sterling silver and bronze

Sea Bracelet (2012)

Sterling silver, 14kt gold, freshwater pearls and red coral

The Spirit Necklace (2009)

Sterling silver, 18kt gold and carved crystal

Space like a Benediction (2009)

Sterling silver, 18kt gold, gold leaf and mother of pearl

Hummingbird Necklace (1984)

18kt gold

Often We Build Our Own Prisons (2005)

Sterling silver 18kt gold

Abstract Flower Broach (1996)

Sterling Silver

She Walks in Beauty like the Night (2007)

Silver, 18kt, 14kt gold, labradorite and garnets

Sea Fan (2007)

Sterling silver

Fretwork Ring (2007)

18kt gold and lemon citrine

Sea Urchin (2007)

Sterling silver

Kinetic Necklace (2005)

Sterling Silver